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Our Mission: About the Junior Purple PEARLS

The mission of Bay Springs Purple PEARLS is to provide young ladies at Bay Springs Middle School with an organization aimed at strengthening social and emotional wellness, developing plans to meet short- and long-term academic goals for their next level of education, educating girls on etiquette and social graces, and the importance of service to their community.

"Pearls are always appropriate." -Jackie Kennedy

Our Goals

The BSMS Purple PEARLS aim is to be: 

P- Passionate about finding our purpose in life

E- Engaged in our education at BSMS

A- Ambitious about our future: Enroll, Enlisted, or Employed

R- being Respectful and Reliable

L- Leaders in our school, community, and family through community service

S- Serious about our social and emotional wellbeing and sincere about respecting the social and emotional wellbeing of our peers.

Faculty Advisor

Mrs. Lauren Cramer

Mrs. Kisha Mitchell