Amy Lolley

Family and Consumer Science


Mrs. Amy Lolley teaches family and consumer science classes at Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA. She has earned an Associate’s degree in Social Science from Jamestown Community College, A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Science degree from Georgia State University. Lolley has been teaching at Carroll County’s Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA for over 23 years. For the first 20 years, she taught computer literacy classes. Since then, she has been teaching Family and Consumer Science classes. In 2018 Mrs. Lolley received a Georgia Shape grant, which she used to purchase two Tower Gardens for students to grow food aeroponically in her classroom. Some of this food was served in the cafeteria to help introduce new foods to students. Another grant from a local women’s club allowed her to purchase kitchen supplies, such as a blender, countertop convection oven, and an instant pot. Students particularly enjoyed making smoothies at the end of the year last year!

Lolley states that her favorite part of teaching this new class is being able to have meaningful conversations with students while sewing, planting, and cooking.