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Subjects Taught


I attended Alexander High School and the University of West Georgia for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. 


I have taught for Fulton County Schools in the past.  Recently, I was the STEM teacher at Ithica Elementary.  I am very excited to be the new STEM teacher at BSMS!

Hey Y'all!
I am Megahn Hill, the new STEM Connections teacher at BSMS! I am very excited to continue teaching STEM, now on a middle school level!
A little about me...I grew up in Douglas County and attended the University of West Georgia for my Bachelor's and Master's degree. I have lived in VR for the last 15 years with my husband Jeremy and our 3 kids: Blake, Kemper, and Sawyer. Sawyer loves to play soccer, so I'll probably see you if you you're ever at the soccer field! I have taught STEM for the last 2 years at Ithica Elementary and before that, I taught in Fulton County Schools. My absolute FAVORITE thing do is read!! I'm always in the middle of reading something and never have a book far from my hands.  Reading is my way to be able to go on an adventure and see a world of make-believe. 
My favorite book: Game of Thrones or Harry Potter
Favorite drink: Coffee or sweet tea
Favorite salty snack: Chips...any kind :)
Favorite sweet snack: Skittles, Kit-Kats, and a million more!