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BSMS Drama Club Announces Big Bad Cast!
Posted On:
Thursday, November 01, 2018



Sydney Grimm: Taylor Tyson

Fairy Godmother: Elizabeth Atwood

Little Red Riding Hood: Emily Pilgrim

Grandmother Hood: Izabel Ferchaud

Pig 1: Meghan O’Driscoll

Pig 2: Kiersten Long

Pig 3: Madison Watkins

Bill Woodcutter: Garrett Garner

Shepherd: Kathryn Bryant

Big Bad Wolf: Carlos Morales

Judge Wise Old Man: James Houser

Evil Stepmother: Grace Donaldson

Miss Muffit: Kendall Taylor

Girl Who Cried Wolf: Audrey Sneed

Bailiff: Jason Moore

Members of the Jury:

Tyler Morris

Tori Fincher

Mckenna Patterson

Charlie Mineheart

Lacy Cheek

Natalia Feliciano

Breanna Roberts

Abigail Emmons

Meadow Mueller

Katie Mitchell

Marianna Mora

Alivia Knox

Sierra Donar

Abby Chadwick

Nolan Williams

Kamal Braswell



**Everyone did an excellent job!! Don’t forget that we will be doing another play when this one is done!

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