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  Class Schedule  



Thank you for a wonderful start! We appreciate your patience as we work out schedules and transportation. As you make your school plans, the information below may be helpful to you:

·        Students may enter the school at 7:30 AM. Please do not drop student off prior to this time. There is no one on duty. 

·        They are released to go to Homeroom at 8:00 AM

·        Buses and cars drop off from 8:00-8:35 AM.

·        The Tardy Bell rings at 8:35 AM.

·        Students change to 1st Period at 8:40 AM.

·        Classes run from 8:40 AM-3:50 PM.

·        Car riders release at 3:50 PM.

·        Buses release between 4:00-4:15 PM.