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  Mission Statement  

Bay Springs Middle School is committed to providing a safe learning environment, which will challenge all students to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens.

  About The School  

Bay Springs Middle School

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     Bay Springs Middle School (BSMS) is in its 20th year of existence and is situated on a 36.6 acre campus on GA HWY 61, across the highway from the Villa Rica Sports Complex, and approximately 12 miles from the county seat of Carrollton, GA.

     BSMS is one of the county's largest middle schools and serves students in grades sixth through eighth. Villa Rica is the largest city nearest BSMS and is the hub of community activity. BSMS serves Carroll County families from a broad range of income levels. Some families receive state assisted living funds while others may have a six figure income. The median household income is $45,752 (2007-2011Census). Students live in upscale subdivisions, older single-family homes, rental houses, condominiums, apartments, duplexes, individual mobile homes, and mobile home parks. According to the 2012 Census for Carroll County, the population is approximately 111,580. The racial composition of Carroll County (2012 Census) is predominately white at approximately 78%, approximately 18.6% African American, 6.4% Hispanic, 0.9% Asian and 2.0% Multiracial.

     BSMS currently has an enrollment of 780 students with 50% males and 50% females, and offers a variety of services to meet the needs of a diverse population.  Sixty-seven percent of BSMS students are economically disadvantaged. Ten percent of the students are served in the REP program, ten percent are served in the Title I program, seventeen percent are served in the Special Education program, fifteen percent are served through our Gifted program, and less than one percent are served and monitored through the ELL program. Approximately one percent of the BSMS students have active 504 plans.

     Although BSMS serves a variety of students with different needs, the attendance rate remains high at 95%.  BSMS students arrive in the fall of the school year after having attended four of the county's elementary schools – Sharp Creek Elementary School, Sand Hill Elementary School, Villa Rica Elementary School, and Ithica  Elementary School. The majority of BSMS students attend Villa Rica High School upon completion of their middle school years.

     A dedicated staff serves the students at BSMS. The staff consists of one principal, two assistant principals, 60 teachers, and an additional 20 support staff, including the cafeteria staff.  The teaching experience of the staff ranges from zero years to more than 30 years. Because of a strong sense of community, and overall job satisfaction, there is little turnover in teaching staff.